Bryon Wilson


my story

skiing and art

I was born and raised In Butte, MT.  A small town with amazing people. The Butte community was very instrumental in my success.  They were always there to provide the means to pursue my dream of becoming an Olympic athlete.  My dream came true in 2010 at the Vancouver Olympics where I went on to win a bronze medal.

My Olympic dream started at age 12 when I watched Johnny Moseley win gold at the 98 Nagano Olympics.  I thought mogul skiing was the coolest thing ever! (and I still do lol).  I started competing that next year on the Lost Trail Freestyle Team and later moved to the Bridger Freestyle team.  I really wanted to become great and had to find a program that trained more than just on weekends.  It was then that my family and I made the move to Utah to ski with the Wasatch Freestyle team.  In 2006 I made the US Ski Team and in 2010 I went to the Vancouver Olympics and won bronze!  I love the competition and I love continuing to improve myself as a skier and a person.