I have a passion for the outdoors and spend most of my life playing around.  Whether it be on the mountain or near the water I love being outside enjoying nature.  I also have a passion for art.  Losing myself in a project, where the hours fly by, is so fun for me.

Growing up in Butte, MT I was introduced to my good friend Al Beavis. Al is a very talented master wood carver.  Al introduced me to wood carving when I was about 16.  After school I would head up to his garage and learn the tricks of the trade.  I had a blast in Al's garage! Learning how all the tools worked, how the wood worked and how to keep my knives sharp.

When I decided to pursue my skiing career and decided to move to Utah I still wanted to keep up on my carving.  I wanted to push the limits of my ability and learn how to carve fish.  At the local wood craft store I asked if any of the workers there new the best way to learn how to carve fish.  One of the employees there directed me to a man named Reese Almond.  Turns out Reese only live a few blocks from my house.  So when I wasn't skiing I was learning from Reese all the things needed to carve realistic trout.  

I'm very grateful for the people like Al Beavis, Reese Almond and my family who fueled my passion for art and pushed me in the right direction.  

skiing and art

Bryon Wilson